Working With Me

What is psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy and counselling help with emotional or life difficulties that are sometimes just too much to resolve on your own.

There is a huge overlap between counselling and psychotherapy. However psychotherapy works at a deeper level at times when counselling may not be enough.

Talking to a therapist can help you to:

  • Find intimacy and emotional connection in relationships that haven’t been working
  • Express feelings that have been hidden for a long time
  • Reduce work stress that may be affecting other areas of your life too
  • Find ways to overcome depression and difficult emotions
  • Come to terms with a sad, difficult or abusive childhood
  • Overcome anxiety and learn to trust yourself
  • Find the ability to forgive and let go of the past
  • Enhance emotional intelligence and self-understanding
  • Find meaning, purpose, and creative expression in your life
  • Learn to listen to, and to value yourself

What does an appointment provide?

An appointment offers you a combination of talking therapy and, if you wish, gentle work with mindfulness practices and dreams.

Seeking help from a counsellor or therapist can be a courageous step for many, particularly if you are dealing with difficult or overwhelming feelings. Therefore you can expect absolute respect and sensitivity towards whatever might be affecting you, and complete confidentiality for whatever you want to talk about.

An appointment provides a safe space in which you can be totally honest, holding nothing back out of politeness or loyalty. A space where you can be open, both to your own experience, and in expressing that to your therapist.

How do I work?

I offer integrative counselling and psychotherapy at consulting rooms in Central London.

Working integratively means I combine different counselling and therapeutic approaches, including psychodynamic, CBT, humanistic, and transpersonal, as needed to meet the specific needs and issues that you want to explore.

My approach also draws on a strong foundation in mindfulness practice. Mindfulness based therapies such as MBCT and MBSR have been proven by researchers at Oxford to significantly reduce stress, anxiety, depression and other emotional issues.

Combining these different modalities means that I offer an approach to therapy that is uniquely tailored to suit you and the challenges you face.

How can we work together?

After an initial consultation should we agree to continue to work together, this will take the form of a regular weekly 50 minute session. Most appointments are in person, but occasionally, if you need to, then over the phone or via Skype is ok by me.

Regularity and continuity give a reliable feeling of structure to the whole process, in which your own experience can naturally unfold. I am here to assist you in that process, by offering the time and space you need, and certain skills that may enable you to explore your experience more effectively, or more deeply, than you could on your own.

What next?

To book an initial consultation, or to find out more about how counselling or psychotherapy can help you, email me at or call me on 07710 511 517.